8:00PM - 12:00AM
Lite Rock 107 Contests

Genius or Google?

Randy & Stacy and The Lite Rock Wake Up Club test your knowledge of trivia by giving you a chance to win a great prize every weekday morning!  Listen each day for "Genius or Google" at 8:40 AM.  A correct answer gets you a FREE prize!

The Lite Rock 107 Sweet Roll Patrol

Twice every week Randy Rundle and the Lite Rock 107 Sweet Roll Patrol visit lucky area offices with FREE pastries, coffee cake, and sweet rolls from Trefzger’s Bakery in Peoria! For a chance to win just send us your name, company name, company address and phone number.  Also, include the number of people in your office so we know how much to bring out!  Register by email at or by fax at 694-2233.  No Fax?  No email?  Then just send your entry to: Lite Rock 107 Sweet Roll & Java Patrol, 331 Fulton Street, Suite 1200, Peoria, 61602.  Then be certain to listen all day at work!  The Lite Rock 107 Sweet Roll Patrol could visit YOUR office soon.  It's all FREE from Lite Rock 107!

Trivia at the All Request Cafe

First, join Lite Rock 107 for lunch every day at the All Request Cafe from Noon ‘til 1 PM.  A little past the bottom of the hour your server at The Cafe, Sean Kelly, will ask a trivia question.  Be the 1st caller with the correct answer and win a great prize from Reynolds Theatres!

General Contest Rules

 Lite Rock 107's Contest Rules