ELIGIBILITY: Employees, immediate families, and household members of JMP Radio Group, LLC, their agencies and employees and families of any radio subsidiary are ineligible to participate in or win the contest. Lite Rock 107, reserves the right to disqualify any contestant who is financed, aided, encouraged or prompted by an employee or family member of any radio subsidiary within 100 miles of Peoria. Lite Rock 107 reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if Lite Rock 107 deems the contest rules were not followed. Lite Rock 107 reserves the right to enforce the following: No contest winners whether they are on-air or off, shall be allowed to win more than once inside a 30 day period. Any person who has won any contest on Lite Rock 107 or household member is again eligible to win another contest only after 30 days have passed since their previous win. This includes all contests pertaining to the station. A person or household member will be allowed to register for a consecutive contest as long as the winning dates are 30 days apart. Each person is limited to one registration per contest. Lite Rock 107 contests are void when and where prohibited by law.

PRIZES: All prizes awarded through Lite Rock 107 are nontransferable nor may a prize be substituted at the request of a contest winner, nor may a prize be substituted for cash. The prize indicated by station personnel to be won in a contest is the only prize awarded and given only to the person who is designated as the winner. Lite Rock 107 reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value in the event specified prize offered is unavailable. All prizes awarded by Lite Rock 107 must be claimed within 30 days of the date the prize was won. If a winner does not claim his/her prize within the 30 day period, the prize is forfeited and eligibility restrictions mentioned in these rules still apply to that winner for future contests. All prizes designated for pick up at the Lite Rock 107 studios must be picked up during regular business hours at 331 Fulton Street, Suite 1200, Peoria, Illinois.

RELEASE: Lite Rock 107 and / or sponsor participating in a contest on Lite Rock 107 may require a release form to be completed by the winner and any other person or persons involved in accepting a prize. Upon accepting any contest prize from Lite Rock 107 or sponsor participating in a contest on Lite Rock 107, winner releases Lite Rock 107 and any and all sponsors of any liability or further claims. Lite Rock 107 may use voice recordings to prevent contest fraud.

RELEASE CONTINUED: Lite Rock 107 cannot be held liable or responsible for any telephone, cell phone, fax machine or computer failures, malfunctions or irregularities during a contest. Lite Rock 107 cannot be held liable for any discrepancies made by the US Postal Service, delivery service, or courier involved in delivering prizes, entries, or contest information to or from Lite Rock 107. Lite Rock 107 is not liable for any lost or stolen entries, prizes or contest information. The decision of the judge is final. All winners are responsible for reporting and paying taxes on prizes received. All entrants agree to grant Lite Rock 107 unlimited use of their name, voice, picture, quotation or facsimile, without consideration, in conjunction with their participation in any given contest.

IDENTIFICATION: In order for a winner to claim a prize, Lite Rock 107 requires picture identification. Lite Rock 107 may require any or all of the following: driver’s license, state ID, passport and / or birth certificate. Lite Rock 107 reserves the right to examine additional identification and may choose to accept or deny awarding the prize based on the identification presented. Lite Rock 107 requires a contestant to truthfully respond with all pertinent information it deems necessary for station records including but not restricted to legal name, address, telephone number, birth date and social security number. Lite Rock 107 may disqualify a contestant immediately upon learning the contestant has responded with false information.

TYPE: For trivia-related or game-related contests, winners must supply the “answer that we’re looking for” to win. Decision of the studio judge is final. For sweepstakes-related contests, registration forms must contain all information in a legible manner.

CHANGE: Lite Rock 107 reserves the right to extend the contest if it so desires. Lite Rock 107 reserves the right to make necessary changes to the contest rules and procedures. In the event of any dispute pertaining to this contest, the decision of Lite Rock 107 management is final.

OTHER: Specific contests may have additional stipulations not listed here. Refer to documents pertaining to those contests for specific rules.